Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lal Masjid Standoff: Impending Peril

The Dawn's (The famous Pakistani newspaper founded by Jinnah) headline made for disturbing reading. The admission/announcement by Gen.Mush that JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) suicide Bombers were holed up inside the famous Red Mosque of Islamabad implies that the Lal Masjid (see pic.) Stand off has reached new heights with potentially disastrous consequences. In my opinion Pakistan's rulers and politicians are unaware of the extent of damage this standoff can cause.

Sadly with wimpishness having been made a national artform in Pakistan, the government of pakistan has been unable to offer a coherent response mired as it is in the CJP controversy. It is another example of the Musharraf government’s inability to contain the pro-Taliban and pro-al-Qaeda Islamist movements inside Pakistan. While ceding real estate to the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance through the various ‘peace accords’ that handed terrorists the control of South Waziristan, North Waziristan and Bajour agencies is troubling in its own right, this latest set of concessions is more troubling still.

First, it occurs not in the wild tribal areas that the Pakistani government exerts little control over. Rather, this latest concession takes place right in downtown Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city.
Second, it cedes not territory but ideological ideals to violent Islamists aligned with the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Ideological ground is exponentially more difficult to regain once ceded than real estate.

If this doesn't get the government of pakistan running, I don't know what will. Musharaff will do well to remember the following latin quote.

Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas (Fortunate is he who has been able to learn the causes of things)

This standoff might well become the causus belli for an internal strife that will ending ripping pakistan..