Monday, October 01, 2007

Communists!!! -Trojan Horses

I am mad at those commies for making an ass of India's image over the N-Deal. It is difficult to understand on what basis they are opposing it.

However, It should come as no surprise as communists have shown traitorous characteristics since 1942 and done so through 1962, 1971 and now. Their opposition to economic and technological upliftment is baffling to say the least. Their own Leftist CM wants a 10 GW nuclear plant in WB.

Privately India's planning commission laments that the communists are acting senseelessly without comprehending the magnitude of the problem faced by India on the energy front. To reach 15-20% share nuclear power generation has to start today. I agree and ave to say I am finding it difficult to figure out why the heck do these @#$## marxists have a problem with any developmental measure. 

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